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   In an effort to provide a place for the trees of Senatobia, Mississippi, to be observed and studied, Tree City USA has developed the SYCAMORE ARBORETUM OF SENATOBIA,  Mississippi.  The Stage III arboretum is confined to the city limits of Senatobia and consists of ninety identified trees.  The SYCAMORE ARBORETUM OF SENATOBIA has the distinction of being the first certified arboretum in the State of Mississippi.

   This website is intended to introduce you to the SYCAMORE ARBORETUM OF SENATOBIA, for your enjoyment and to use as a guide to the trees found within the City of Senatobia.  It is a compilation of information gathered by volunteers, students and educators.  This is a guide only and is not a definitive scientific publication.

   While every effort has been made to include type-specimens, scientific names, common names and locations, there are likely to be errors.  Scientific nomenclature may change as more information is gained.  Also, locations may change as some of the specimens are removed and replaced from time to time.  This is inevitable in a growing city.  Many of the specimens are represented in the Northwest Mississippi Community College Herbarium.

   Locations of trees are given in the "Tree List".  Geographical locations are expressed in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude using WGS84 map datum.  Locations were also determined using a variety of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers.  Street addresses are also included.  Each tree is marked with a numbered aluminum disk and a colored information plaque.  Trees are numbered in the "Tree List" and correspond to the tree number disk.

   Many of the trees are located on private property.  This project would not have been possible without the support of the city and community members.  If you visit those trees, please be courteous and respectful of the property owner.

   Tree City USA, Senatobia has also printed booklets including instructions, tree lists, locations and descriptions.  Booklets may be obtained by calling Suzan Erber at 662-562-5975, or at the Tate County Democrat, Tate County Economic Development Foundation office, or Senatobia Public Library.

   Thank you for your interest in the trees of Senatobia.  We hope you enjoy our city and its trees.